SAS News Editor

Complete and robust solution for collaborative newsroom workflow depends on integrating the news story elements in a single item which represented by a single row of data and contains all the information related to this story starting from title, story text, story permissions, reading characteristics, story video, and story concurrent graphics.
Then the news bulletin itself can be fully customized and synced among the new/video editors, producers, archivers, website authors and the final On Air operators SAS News Editor facilitates the special technical tasks to be easy to be done by the news operators e.g. user permissions assignment, calculating the on air read characteristics, performing scheduled and emergency.


SAS News Playout

Member of SAS News Family, It works in a fully synced mode with the news editors and news sources gathered from different sources, and communicate with the SAS Video Frame which adds the ability to playback the stories video and graphics in a professional way.

SAS News Feed

Member of SAS News Family, It supports almost all the news feed types and has a built in famous new agencies plugins to connect with and pushes the news into the SAS News resources, in addition to an easy to use plugin creator environment to design custom news feed plugin.

SAS Prompter

Member of SAS News family, works in fully sync with the news editors and reflects the news text to camera prompters with ability to modify all settings of the appearance and the connected preview and motion devices.