SAS Playout

Complete Video Playout Solution, It supports multi-channel playback and almost every multimedia type of video and audio with the ability to work any video resolutions starting from the SD resolutions to the 4K. Supports almost all the known video, graphic, audio formats and video Fully customized input and output (Resolution, Bitrate, Delay, Gain, Reference, and Buffering) for all channels including video and audio streams.
Easy to use playlist editor with many integrated features (Importing from different sources, Exporting in many formats and reports, Auto Synced for emergency on two or above concurrent separated playlists on separated servers).
Supports multichannel playout starting from single channel to 16 , each channel has its own live channel mixer, live channel keyer, main and separated playlist …
The PGM and channel mixer gives the ability to modify audio and video parameters.
The PGM and channel keyer supports all known graphic types to be mixed over video.
Each playlist event has its own trimmer, mixer, key controller and GPI pulse controller.

SAS Ingest

Multichannel video Recorder / Ingest, supports almost all known video formats and bitrates.

Integrated Multiviewer preview to audit ingest process on all channels from a single window.

Up to 4 Captures at the same time.

Easy to use and friendly UI can any user get it with no time.

Add Suffix Automaticlly date and time.

Monitor your record time and free space online.